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The Art and the Business
with Three-time Emmy© award-winner Cady McClain

Howard Meyer's Acting School

Cady McClain has put together a full compendium of “what works and what doesn’t” in show business based on 45 years as a professional actor.  This workshop will give you a solid framework to help you get out of your own way and achieve your full potential.  Some topics covered include: organization, prep, auditioning, doing the job, keeping the job, transitioning, focus, attitude, relationships, self care and strategy.  You will walk away with a clear “to do” list that will propel your career forward.

Learn more about Cady McClain on her website:

A Youth Leadership Workshop

with Najah Imani Muhammad

Howard Meyer's Acting School

In this workshop, teens will learn the power of using their voice to effectively lead and work as a team. Through interactive exercises and shared group goals, participants will walk away with the understanding of teamwork, strong communication skills, and the power of their voices. This workshop will encourage teens to make strong statements about the world around them, using theatre as a vehicle for social change. 

Learn more about Najah Imani Muhammad on her website:

What Class Attendees Say

"Thank you so much for this valuable information and the workshop was just spot on.. really appreciate you holding it Cady, I took away some clear, simple actions and next steps.. the strategic aspect was very grounded and realistic though easy to apply with some pre-planning, and a lovely spreadsheet!" - Jacqueline R. Bhavaraju
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