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Yes, even I was once a beginner.

I remember those days vividly. I knew I had something inside of me to express but I just hadn't found the right medium in which to express it.  And on the suggestion and encouragement of a friend I nervously entered my first acting class. Although I had always wanted to be an artist of some kind (I was a serious piano player as a child), the idea of really making a go of it as an actor seemed daunting.  

I mean, who was I to actually take this acting business seriously? So, it was not only nerves, but also a lot of judgment. I was in the business world at the time, doing very well with good prospects but inwardly, I was very dissatisfied. Something was missing and I couldn't ignore it. And so with all my fear and doubt, I walked into that first class............. and I knew almost immediately that I was finally home.  

That was almost two decades ago. 


Then the work began.....and more nerves and fear.........but it was all OK, in fact it was perfect, because it started me on the most exciting adventure of my life -- the journey of artistic and personal self-discovery. I had finally found a place where my truth and creativity and sense of self expression could be nurtured in a way it had never been nurtured before. 

Your Inner Urgings.

Many of you will not have as dramatic a beginning as me.  But whatever your reasons, your inner urgings, the dream that won't quit -- they are valid and real and we can give you a safe, supportive place to explore them. 

The journey is waiting for you and will patiently wait until you are ready to turn yourself toward the need to create and explore.  But if now is the time, I would be honored to have a part in that process. 

The fear is natural. 

An old teacher of mine once said, if you aren't feeling some fear, than you probably aren't acting. Acting puts us at risk; but it is the risk of possibility, of expansion, of enrichment and energy -- of life. And, of course that can be frightening. Our staff consists of teachers who deeply understand the vulnerable nature of acting and will honor your humble beginnings just like I do.  

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you and then hopefully, get you started.  

Call me at 914-219-6677.

Howard Meyer 

Program Director 

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