Howard Meyer's Acting ProgramHoward Meyer's Acting Program 

Our Philosophy

Truth and Creative Expression

Sanford Meisner, a great 20th-century acting teacher, defined acting as "the art of living truthfully in imaginary circumstances." In our classes we help you foster a connection to your truths; what you value and where you feel deeply. You will learn how to apply these insights to the creative process of acting, wherein you will realize the joy of full creative expression.

We draw on an array of exercises developed by the best theater minds of the 20th-century to help you build a craft that is personal and accessible. These exercises make it possible for you to take the creative leap into the imaginary world of the play and the life of the character.

We place emphasis on learning, exploring and becoming comfortable with the process of creative and personal exploration. This is accomplished through individual and group exercise work, and applications of these exercises to monologues and scenes. 

Presentations of work are always treated as rehearsals and explorations; not as performances. Although sincere commitment is expected, "delivering results" is greatly discouraged.

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St. John's Episcopal
Church Community House
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