Howard Meyer's Acting Program

A Landmark: A Creative Home

One has a dream, and with faith and courage one pursues that dream not knowing where the path will ultimately lead. So many of our dreams have come true along this marvelous theatrical journey and this is the latest marker on the journey: A Home.

We have been teaching classes and making theatre for quite some time, but until today we have sometimes borrowed, and most of the time rented, space from our neighbors. To sign a lease and gather all of our creative energies under one roof is a thrill and a privilege.

Now you will know where to find us: the third floor of 48 Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville. All of the primary classes and new play development work will take place there as well as dinners and special events.

And we have been lucky to pitch our tent in a culturally “hot” town with some pretty cool neighbors. We are right around the corner from the Jacob Burns Film Center and across the street from Pleasantville Cable Television, or PCTV, with whom we are cooking up some TV projects for next season! Steve Apkon, Executive Director of the award winning film center, when asked about our move said “I am very excited about Axial and The Acting Program coming to town. Their presence will enhance the cultural landscape of Pleasantville.”

We are thrilled to be able to share this new space with you. Look for future mailings about classes and events and visit us again on our two websites for the most up-to-date information: (for the classes) and (for the theatre events).

Looking forward to seeing you at 48 Wheeler!


Howard Meyer

Artistic Director

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